Robert Seabron, Video Ministry

Charwyna Byrd, Armor Bearers/Pastoral Care

Nancy Walton, Hostess Ministry

Rev. Brenda Lovett, Executive Director of Prayer and Healing Ministries

Sonja Patterson, Drama Ministry

Joann Brown, Nursing Ministry

Nathan Davis, Overcoming Grief and Loss

Napoleon Smith, Outreach Ministry

Rev. John Moore, Unashamed Student Ministry & Unashamed Outreach Basketball

Dea. Darren Mays, Sunday School Ministry

Kim Taylor, Executive Director of Christian Education Ministries

Dina Burdine, Wedding Ministry

Rev. Jocelyn Hairston, Wings of Fire Prophetic Dance Ministry

Dea. Ric and Darlene Thompson, Radical Love & Sacred Love Marriage Ministry

Dea. Ric Thompson

Dea. Marc Johnson, Parking Lot Ushers

Jacqueline Howell, Creative Services

Rev. Colin Foreman, Love of Liberty Prison Outreach Ministry

Rev. Randy C. Berry

Michael Turner, Sound Ministry

Miranda Dozier, Bookstore

Maury Allums, Sanctuary Choir & Music Ministry

Rev. Eric Walton, Executive Director of Ministry of Helps

Gale Starks, Seasons of Power Seniors Ministry

Elaine Jackson, Loving Hands Ministry

Dea. Olin Bryant, Ushers Ministry

Dea. Lamar Rodgers, Transportation Ministry

Anne Rodgers, Communion Ministry

Dea. Carlos Clark, Baptism Ministry









Ervie Mitchell, Speak Easy 4 Christ Ministry









Lois Searles, Love Revealed









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